Our Mission

OUR MISSION is to secure brighter futures for African youth. BULA was founded on the premise that by improving educational facilities, materials and training, greater opportunities will arise for children. With the focus primarily on education, BULA aspires to improve the overall life of African children living in poverty while always working to achieve the ultimate goal of community development.

BULA aims to attain these objectives through fundraising activities and by involving communities within the United States. This involvement will simultaneously help achieve community development and create cross-cultural relationships, while fostering a better understanding of life in Africa.

What is BULA?

BULA is an organization founded by Melissa Fricke after her time spent in Uganda. This is an organization committed to improving the lives of the children she taught and cared for in the village of Gganda. BULA's board of directors are voluntarily devoting their time and energy to this cause. We encourage community involvement and welcome all to join us in our initial school construction project.